How To Restrict 915MHz Frequency Range for Australia

(Flywire) #1

I was looking at this Lora Long Range SX1276 915mhz 1W Transceiver Module. Can it be configured to just use the 915-928 MHz frequency range?

(LoRaTracker) #2

Thats an Ebyte module, dont they use a bespoke UART serial interface for the microcontroller to talk to the LoRa device ?

If so can you even use that module for TTN ?

(Flywire) #3

So all LoRa isn’t LoRa? Anyone?


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(Ud Lo Ra) #5

The issue is that there is no LoRaWAN software for this kind of modules.

(Flywire) #6

You can of course use The Things Node or Uno, but The Things Network supports any certified LoRaWAN device. The ones you can find under Hardware have been tested and documented by us or our users.

Or LoPy (bluetooth) - seems a bit under-done yet.