How to set a profile picture?


Since I’m using this forum more and more I’d like to set a profile picture to make myself more personal. (the picture that appeards in the circle when people reply in posts etc).
I am, however, unable to figure out how :cold_sweat:

In preferences i find profile header and profile background but these seem not to influence my profile picture.

I’m going to invoke some ancient charms and magic runes from the long distant past here and assume you registered under V2 and have suspicion of some unintended consequences from V2 going RO. Items from V2 are gradually disappearing as they become unavailable or break and so get automagically hidden, either by the systems or by the admins.

Calling in Hylke @htdvisser or Kevin @kschiffer here as I think the profile picture, or at least the generic one is held here The Things Network/picture.jpg which of course the forum then compresses to a link so expanding to view here it’s of the form …’ and of course a quick check on iPad suggests now no way to access/edit that to update. Will move over to a PC to check shortly as sometimes get more options offered on webpages. I can’t get to main user TTN profile (not forum) from here to check options…as no login/profile/console option or menu tab on TTN home page on iPad and other site rendering issues with latest redesign on the device :frowning:

Update on access from iPad : with no direct access from main site type direct link that takes you to console selection… choose V2 (legacy) and likely you be asked to log in. Then select you user icon…account and there is profile picture edit option… note I haven’t tried editing/saving as most save options for V2 now blocked but hopefully that one still works… give it a try. I assume process is same on PC, which as I say I will try later…

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Just did that, also in the V3 console. Let’s see when it appears =D

Think it should be quick if it’s going to work…

Seems to work now!

Good… I decided years ago I didnt want the responsibility or liability of lots of broken monitors & displays if they showed my picture :rofl:

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I am unable to set a “PROFILE PICTURE” for my account. For me, the problem is lack of information on The Things Network “MY ACCOUNT” page.

Which image file types are acceptable?
What are the min / max file sizes for the image file?

If that information were specified, I could begin to troubleshoot the problem.

Furthermore, the “MY ACCOUNT” page does not provide any error messages when the “PROFILE PICTURE” edit fails. Again, such error messages would help me to troubleshoot the problem.