How to set up a gateway based on RHF0M301 & RPI 3

hello guys my name is david mbemba student at TUT in south africa , i am trying to build my own gateway ,the proble that i have its how to set up this gateway and to run it on the things network or loriot
please i need help i am a beginner on lora

please help me
kind regards

That doesn’t look substantially different than other concentrator modules.

You should search for existing instructions both for that specifically, and for SPI-based concentrators on a PI in general.

You will need to power it, connect the SPI lines, SPI chip select, signal ground, and a GPIO to do a clean reset of the concentrator chip during startup. It would appear adapter boards are sold that let you stack that directly on the PI, or you can connect it with short hookup wires.

Please start with existing writeups you can find online, writing custom instructions for each person who asks isn’t very efficient.

thx cslorabox to for replying , i saw a lot of tuorial but it does not help if you can highlight each step for me it will help me

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what do you mean by that ? if you use google you’ll find many examples.
here’s one

I currently have one of these RAK2245 pi hats running on a pi3b in my server rack connected up to an external antenna.

RAK even have a downloadable raspbian image with the router software ready to go if you don’t want to stuff around - just add your ttn gateway credentials.

The standard antenna was hopeless for me partly due to positioning of the device which was pretty much in a faraday cage and range reduced to around 400m.

I worked on creating a python wrapper for the LoRaGW driver. You can use it to create your own application/protocol.

Hopefully someone can use it to implement LoRaWAN using python and then link it to loriot and TTN.

Worth remembering that gateway’s don’t “implement” LoRaWAN, they transparently translate between IP protocols and LoRa air modulation, without any real idea if that traffic is LoRaWAN, some other scheme, or random nonsense.

It is servers (like TTN) which implement LoRaWAN.