HTTP Integration and IPv6

(M. Piscaer) #1


My endpoint of the HTTP Integration is IPv6 Only, I see that is IPv4 only. What is the roadmap too enable IPv6 on the network?

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(Hylke Visser) #2

We plan add include full ipv6 support when we migrate to the next version of our backend (v3)

(M. Piscaer) #3

On I see that the release date is on June?

(Bsiege) #6

I hope not only the backend will be IPv6. As i joined the crowd to kickstart the TTN Gateway there was no doubt (in November 2015) that this innovative team who creates a new worldwide network will send me a IPv6 capable device.

P.S. My Multitech Conduit has IPv6 adresses… no questions


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