HTTP integration

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I have a question about how ACK messages (Device->Cloud) in the case of confirmed transmission (initiated in direction Cloud->Device) could be seen by our application via HTTP integration.

We send confirmed messages, but looks like TTN doesn’t send the ACK messages to our HTTP endpoint, or maybe we are logging the input messages incorrectly. We don’t see them due to that.

We are logging all HTTP input on our HTTP endpoint
(by HTTP endpoint, I refer to path which is being called by TTN once a message is received).

Thanks & cheers!

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I did samething as you did except put my own url which is

but i only got
-> {“dev_id”:“arduino_lora_test2”,“payload_raw”:“AAE=”}
and no data on ttn

I’m trying to looking for downlink please help me (sorry for my bad english ㅠㅠ)

(Especial) #43

I solve my problem!

I just thought “dev_id” is no important data so, I remainded as “hrmansenuno”
after i changed into my own dev_id it works!