I cant connect my TTN Uno to my Kickstarter Gateway

So i recently got a TTN Uno and a Kickstarter gateway from my university to test out, and like the previous person that tried connecting the TTN Uno to the gateway i cant connect either. The Uno sends the Join message to the gateway and the gateway can see it without a problem but the connection is denied every time.

Node message

Sending: mac join otaa 
Join not accepted: denied
Check your coverage, keys and backend status.

Gateway message





Data rate

What is the distance between the gateway and the node? At least 5 meters is required and preferably a wall between the two as well.

What do you see in the TTN console? Is the join request visible in the application datastream? Does TTN send a join accept (in the application)? Does the gateway datastream show any downlinks being sent?

I just moved the devices farther apart.
I can see the join request in the live data from the gateway, but i cant see anything on the application side.
I cant see anydown links from the gateway. How can i send the TTN join accept?

That probably means the EUIs or AppKey don’t match and TTN can’t match the join request to the right device. As long as you don’t see device activity in the application data the device won’t get a join accept from TTN (so no downlink).

BTW, devices connect to the network, not to a gateway. LoRaWAN is not WiFi.

I actually just remade the app and re tried all the keys, and i think as you said my keys didnt match. Thanks for the help!

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