Ideal Frequency Plan for Bangladesh

Hi Everyone,

We are in consultation with getting devices setup in Bangladesh (both end devices and Gateways)
It appears LoRaWAN is in its infancy in this location, and not easy to decipher what plan is used.

We primarily use 1.0.2RevB and 1.0.3RevA end-devices (both limited by firmware dev).

From what we can determine the LoRa Alliance matching documents is the following:
866 - 868 MHz / No Channel Plan Defined
However same document states: Modified Bangladesh and Pakistan channel plans from EU868 to IN865
This doesn’t make sense, as the range states 866Mhz minimum so IN865 is deprecated it seems?

1.0.3 rev a
States new range of 863 - 869 MHz, aka agreed channel plan of EU863-870

In 1.0.2:
States this range: 922 - 925.0 MHz
Channel Plan Sated is: AS923-1
a) What drop-down plan is the gateway/node configured too (there are many Asia ones to pick)
b) Which plan is AS923-1 here: GitHub - TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-frequency-plans: LoRaWAN Frequency Plans for The Things Stack
c) Do we we need firmware update if previous our devices were known to us to work on:
AS923 AS1 aka 920-923
AS923 AS2 aka 923-925

In 1.0.3 it now states:
925.0 - 927.0 MHz with “other” as the plan?

In 1.0.4
No EU868 or IN865
Only now mentions:
922 - 925.0 MHz aka Channel plan to use: AS923-1

So the ultimate question:
What Band Plan do we use now days regardless of our devices firmware for full solution deployment?

If it is Asia, then again, what dropdown when registering? “Asia 923-925 Mhz” ?
Maybe the actual json backend frequency plan descriptor would be better for us:
e.g: “frequency_plan_id”: “AS_923_925”.

I suggest if possible once the true answer is known that the following page gets updated as it currently has nothing listed for Bangladesh.
Edit: We will do the L-A consultation directly and see what they say :slight_smile:


ICT International

Best course of action is ask the L-A directly! Also note TTN Forumites are (generally speaking!) not lawyers and as such RF discussions usually have a regulatory or legal element (often with overtones of military/security influence/compliance) so probably not best placed to comment or advise… naturally once L-A clarifies and gives guidance the TTI/TTN team can look to update the relevant channel plans and associated documentation…

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Thanks Jeff,

Thanks for the quick response.
Sure I think we will do that, we’ll contact L-A directly and see what they say.
Is there any issue with our products having 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 firmware limitations vs what the regional parameters say? Like maybe our AS923 functionality might not match what is expected, up to now I thought there was only 920-923 and 923-925 so more learning curve.
e.g. if latest document/response from L-A says AS923, would we run into any issues with the devices firmware being written on older releases. I haven’t per say seen any issue and we are running RAK7258/RAK7268/RAK7240’s that support I believe at least 1.0.3/1.0.4 regs.


ICT International