Imposible to get Data from LSE01

Hello everyone¡ Im a student how bougth a Dragino Lse01 Soil Tester and a LG01P Gateway. I`ve got connect the Gateway in the TTN page and its seems to be fine, i have request, the problem is… When i try to connect the soil measurer, it do nothing.

I tried two ways, automaticly and manually. To make sure all the data are correct un LSE01 i did a ttl connexion, and i get the AppEUI, DevEUI, AppKey. Also i have updated the device to the 1.1.4 firmware version.

But when i create the aplication in ttn it says, “Not activity yet”.

please, someone can bring me some light??

All i read on the forums its according whith what im doing, other thing i thougth is the Sensor its broken…

Thanks for your help¡

Welcome to the forum, unfortunatly;

The LG01 and LG02 devices are not supported for use as gateways on TTN.