Imposible to get Data from LSE01

That might have been V2 or the commercial TTI offering, not the community network.

Gateways don’t always work. Have you checked it is still connected to TTN?

Gateway is also disconnected from last 2 days.

I don’t understand why this might happen, how should I handle this?

Get the gw back online! What gw, how connected (backhaul method?), how powered….solar? ……bad weather?!!

IIRC old V2 storages was ‘up to’ 7 days… currently it’s approx 24hrs, with the intent you get your data out live to your own environment and then have DS as an emergency fall back only…… TTN getting too big and too expensive to maintain bigger ‘buffers’ I guess….

I’d hope that it would be obvious that with no gateway to hear the device that you won’t get any data. And it’s 24 hours on TTN v3, it’s 30 days on TTI paid service.

To get your gateway back online you could do the things that you did when you set it up.

And to be fair to the volunteers on here who answer questions, if you don’t know what details to give, perhaps you could learn a bit:

Them you won’t get any data as the devices transmissions are not magically transferred to TTN.

There are a multitude of possible disruption reasons. Without knowing your hardware, power provisioning, internet back haul and other parameters I can only guess what the cause might be and without knowing a cause advising how to solve it is nearly impossible.

Got it. I am thinking of ways to handle sudden data loss. Can I connect raspberry pi to gateway to save the data locally?

Not with the default software on a gateway. And the saved data will be encrypted so will require decryption keys to translate into anything useful.

Oh okay. Got it. So where do I get decryption keys from? I am bit lost here. My advisor is suggesting me to do this as backup in case if because of some issues we fail to send data to TTN. I am using dragino LPS8N.

Then may-be your advisor knows sufficient about LoRaWAN to suggest how to do this? My advise would be to try and make sure your gateway has a stable internet connection. In my experience that is sufficient for a 99% of the received uplinks to be delivered to an application. The RF path between the device and gateway will have a far greater loss percentage.

Thank you for the reply and sorry for the trouble mod.
Can you explain me in a bit simpler technical words why it is not possible so that I can communicate it to my advisor accordingly?

I am a bit surprised you are working on an LoRaWAN project with an advisor that does not seem to grasp the technology. For a LoRaWAN project I would at least add someone to my team that has a solid understanding of the technology involved to increase the chances of a successful outcome.

The keys you need are stored at the LoRaWAN network server and are only valid until the next join. However what you are trying is the wrong way around. TTN provides a reliable solution, make sure your gateway is reliably connected to the internet and there is no need to try and store the encrypted data locally. As mentioned before a lot more data will be lost between the device and the gateway because of radio signal interference and other issues than between the gateway and TTN.

So what we are actually looking for is specifically when the internet goes down. As WiFi is not reliable, we want to save a copy to not lose the data when the WiFi goes down.
To save it, he’s suggesting to connect Raspberry Pi to gateway and serially read the data. I want to know if it’s possible or not. Sorry for the trouble

Not an option afaik. The gateway does not provide the LoRaWAN packets on a serial port.

My friend is using Lg01 Gateway and has a script which reads the packet received by the gateway.
Difference is, my friend is using LoRa board and using a normal sensor with it and the gateway to do this.
My setup has lse01 sensor and LPS8N Gateway. Can the same work be done for my setup?

I am asking this because to integrate it I will have to go where the sensor is deployed and work on it which is not close, hence I want to know whether it is possible or not before doing it.

Link to what my friend is doing

The LG01 is not a gateway and should not be used as a gateway with TTN, it disrupts communications that nodes have with compliant gateways.

That is not a TTN compatible LoRaWAN gateway. It is a Lora (only) gateway.

If you are willing and capable of modifying the software on the LPS8N you might be able to do something. You will need to create a modified packet forwarder and create scripting to get the encryption keys from TTN. However I still think you are looking at the wrong way to solve the issue. In stead of creating some point solution to mitigate possible connectivity issues you should solve the reliability of the connectivity.

No. There is NO facility to extract the transmissions from the LPS8N over serial. If you look at your gateway you’ll see that this is NO serial port.

And even if there was, you’d have to write code to decrypt the information and extract the payload.

This is LoRa to LoRa aka Point 2 Point - which is fine, there is no encryption, it’s all simple scripts, you CAN NOT do this with an LPS8N as it’s firmware is based on 8 receivers, not one. And P2P is off-topic for this forum.

Thank you for all the information.
I was not able to find this online, but can LSE01 then work with LG01 gateway?

The LG01 is a single channel packet forwarder (SCPF - search for this or SCPF or DCPF on forum) NOT a LoRaWAN Gateway as above…this forum is for TTN Community and users of LoRaWAN, we do not support such LoRa only products. Short answer is No…long answer is if prepared for imperfect implementation and prepared/able to hack code - and not attempt to use connected to TTN - then some level of imperfect and incomplete functionality, with significant packet loss, is/maybe possible, but not discussed or supported here.

Get yourself (or tell your friend to get!) a TTIG or another low cost (Dragino?) LoRaWAN Gateway :slight_smile: