Improve performance of map on the website

Map performance is slow due to the used (cluster) algorithm I guess. Since I am not that much interested in the thousands of indoor gateways, let alone single channel packet forwarders, could we split those eg by initially filtering, and/or coloring those?

I really like to have the 1mb json gateway data available at but maybe we dont really need the global db in one dump for displaying purposes.

Just try to load the map with 3 times that number, and your browser will grind to a halt.

Some lazy loading / pre-select might speed things up.

Thank you,

I noticed that the main page ( is very slow to load, probably because it is preparing the map of gateway locations. On the Raspberry Pi browser it is extremely slow, and it crashes the browser.

So, my message in the topic of ‘Site Feedback’ is, can we speed up the response of the main page?

Thank you.