Improving TTN coverage in Amersfoort, NL - kick-off meeting on July 4th

Hi all,

TL;DR: I’m organizing a meetup about TTN coverage in Amersfoort. If you’re from the area and are interested in improving the coverage, in helping maintain some gateways, or are just interested, drop by!

I’m involved with the Meet je stad! project, which has been using TTN to collect weather data throughout the city of Amersfoort (initially - we now have spin-off projects all over the world). When we started, we put up a number of gateways to get coverage around the city, which worked pretty well. Due to various circumstances, not all of those gateways are running (reliably) anymore, so there are now some blind spots in the city. Fortunately a lot of others have put up their own gateways, which helps, but they do not seem to be so high up, so their range is limited.

So: I would like to see if we can improve the coverage of the city again. This means getting the existing gateways back online, making them more reliable or improving their range, but also investigate where our coverage is lacking and then look for new places to put up gateways (we have some funding available for hardware).

Because these things are more fun to do together, I’m organizing a meetup on July 4th. I don’t have a fixed agenda, but I can probably tell a bit about the Meet Je Stad! project, about the gateways we currently have, how we have set them up and how we might improve them. And then collect some ideas and maybe make a concrete plan on what to do.

If you’re interested in helping out, are already running a gateway in the area, or are just interested in learning more, feel free to drop by. It is helpful if you let me know in advance (here, or by private message) if you plan to attend the meeting, but if you’re not sure yet, also feel free to drop by.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday July 4th, 20:00 (I’ll be there from 19:45) in “De War”, Heiligenbergerweg 34, Amersfoort. Coming by foot or by bike is recommended, if you come by car, easiest is to park in Garage De Beestenmarkt (our neighbourhood is permit-only parking). See also: De WAR Amersfoort

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@matthijskooijman, if you haven’t already, meet @Ichthus_College_Info aka Steven who has just launched in Veenendaal

He’s working on improving coverage as well as the actual monitoring devices so there may be some collaboration to be had.

Hey @matthijskooijman (and thanks for the introduction @descartes)

As Nick pointed out, I am the lucky (?) owner of the project Meet je Leefomgeving (MJLO) - very similar in name and execution to Meet je Stad! Main difference being that MJLO is developed to be used by students from colleges (in Veenendaal), and comprises an extended range of sensors.

While Amersfoort and Veenendaal are just too far apart to do anything about coverage, we’ll probably have some common interests and ideas to discuss.
I may be able to take the public transport to Amersfoort on July 4th - no guarantees yet that I’ll be there, but I’ll write it down.

I will also send this meeting invitation to the main LoRa lead of “Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe”, the water authority of Amersfoort and Veenendaal among others. They are looking into (and testing) LoRaWAN enabled water sensors which require much less maintenance compared to their current sensors.

Groet, Steven

Wot, LoRa isn’t long range??

I was thinking sharing ideas on getting coverage - and if there’s surplus hardware, that as well - but it’s your bailiwick so I’ll leave you to it.

Cool, sounds like there will be similarities indeed. Would be nice to talk and exchange experiences.

Nice if you could attend. If you’d like to get into contact before that, we have a Element/matrix channel where a lot of discussion happens, and every 21st (so that’s tomorrow), we have an online meeting in the evening for anyone involved or interested. See our website for details.

@matthijskooijman I have put it om my calendar to attend.

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Unfortunately I’m busy tonight, so I won’t attend the online meeting. But quite sure I’ll be present in Amersfoort :smiley:

My contact at the water authority is unable to come but will likely send another person that’s investigating LoRa as well

I think the Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe is actually involved in our project already, btw. I think our contact there is called Dimitri, but I’m not entirely sure. But always good to make more contacts :slight_smile:

Mine is Marinus, but maybe he’s tipping Dimitri :sweat_smile: we’ll see…

We had a nice and productive meeting last night, thanks to everyone who attended. We have exchanged a lot of ideas and actions, and made plans to better visualize the current coverage and already improve coverage by adding or fixing some of the current gateways.

@Ichthus_College_Info If you want to learn more about our platform and project, maybe you could drop by in our Element/matrix channel? That’s where a lot of the discussion happens and there are lot of people that can tell you more and answer questions. The channel is at


We will have a followup meeting on gateway coverage next thursday, 21st of september. This will be part of the monthly Meetjestad meeting, so there will be a plenary part with some updates and discussion about Meetjestad in general, followed by some parallel sessions in various working groups, of which gateway coverage is one.

The meeting will be held on Thursday September 21st,19:30 in “De War”, Heiligenbergerweg 34, Amersfoort. Coming by foot or by bike is recommended, if you come by car, easiest is to park in Garage De Beestenmarkt (our neighbourhood is permit-only parking). See also: De WAR Amersfoort

Really? Thought you guys liked a party!