Incorrect screen text on back of PCB-1.1


Is anyone aware that the VCC and GND markings on the back of the PCB are swapped? Almost caused a heart attack when I was measuring the voltages :wink:

Ugh, I guess I should enter that as an issue in gitbub. Will do that later.




Yes, however on the forum that information was previously in a closed topic. I now made it public:

See: GNSE v1.1 VCC and GND labels are reversed on PCB bottom side

See the embedded link to the GitHub repo. The issue is known but is more or less hidden from view because already closed.

This issue needs to be documented in the GNSE documentation. (I have not checked if it has actually been added to the docs).

Thank you @ehogeweg bringing up the issue and @bluejedi for your pointer.
Weโ€™ve addressed the error with v1.1b, and I just reopened the issue and will stay open until itโ€™s properly documented in the docs.