Insect detection

Hello all,

Has anyone had any success with finding an insect detector? I build a “insect hotel” and would love to monitor it somehow. I’ve seen a few bee hive cases but a swarm of all the same frequency-emitting insect would be unlikely in a garden bug hotel.

Seen one post on an old Raspberry Pi forum suggesting an IR motion sensor: am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for one that would be able to operate on such a mini scale!


RPi + camera module running image recognition s/w targeted on the spcific insects of interest…run a classifier then send an alarm - either a byte/code to indicate presence of species of interest of a simple alarm bit/byte - perhaps using port number to indicate class… small data infrequent up dates (perhaps with rolling count since last message? Do not attempt to send image/full data sets as LoRa/LoRaWAN not designed for that volume of data! Maybe Edge Impulse or similar can assist with ML classification? I know the twitcher* community does something similar so perhaps you can grab set-ups from similar projects and adapt as needed?

(*) bird watchers & also now folk classifying by bird song type! :wink:

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Good shout. Was just thinking about something similar earlier. Plus I found this:.
I’ll try this and report back.


Have a look at this topic Conting bees with IR light barrier:

I have used two QRE1113 IR sensors to detect (honey) bees flying in or out the hive!

Some more projects regarding insect and bee counting you may find interesting: