IPEX connector specification

What type of IPEX connector is typically used on LoRa modules?
I thought generic “IPEX” would be specific enough, but my antenna supplier needs a IPEX connector model spec.

That’s entirely down to the device, there is nothing about antenna hardware connectors that is ‘typical’ for LoRa modules.

Does your device not have a data sheet? Can you send your antenna supplier a picture?

That won’t work without including a rules for reference as the dimensional changes are very small. I recently had to acquire some male connectors for a board and the options on Ali were that confusing/similar that I ordered some of a couple of different types.
This message clearly states which version the LDS01 has, from looking at it I hadn’t noticed it was different to the ones I (up till recently) considered ‘standard’.

@descartes The module datasheet only mentions “IPEX”. I contacted the module maker, but no response yet. Checking the iPEX web site (https://www.i-pex.com/) shows several RF connector models that -at first glance- look alike, but apparently not compatible.
I found a connector picture with inscription “13 IPX”.
This would be IPEX connector model MHF I. So now I answered my own question :wink:
Hope this is useful for anyone looking for the same info.



Would be even more useful if we know the exact module you are using… looks like it might be a RAK module?

Yup, how much quicker would it be for us to see the entire module or even mention the part number right from the beginning.

But as I have all of the RAK modules on hand and some on my desk from last weeks output:

I can confirm these are industry standard u.FL connectors.

@kersing @descartes Thanks for your help. The same type of connector is used on different modules: Globalsat LM-130, RAK4600, RAK4200 (phased out), RAK4270

Plus the RAK4260, RAK4631, the entire range of MCU + RFM95 boards I do and about a zillion other radio based modules.