Issue on setup of DLOS8 Gateway and WSC1-L Process Unit

Hello Everyone, i am having a trouble in my devices i am trying to setup my DL0S8 outdoor gateway (868 mHz) and my WSC1-L end (868 mHz) node device but it seems not working . In manual it said that if you setup your gateway and the wsc1-l it will automatically send data to TTN but its not. Anyone has any idea how to make it work?

And i wonder what to put the following:
-Frequency Plan
-Lorawan Version
-Regional Parameters version

I try this as my configuration of my device. and why in the Session Information said the device not joined to network how can i make it joined.

in this section i dont know if this is needed to fill out . to make the end device join to the network of the gateway.

pleas Help! Enlighten me more i am new to LoRa Technologies , TIA.