Issues with PNI PlacePod

We have a PNI Placepod sensor AU915 and a TTIG band 915. The GW is already registered on TTN (ID eui-58a0cbfffe802c5c) and the PlacePod is active (using the PNI android app), however there is no traffic in TTN.

I asked for help with PNI technical support, I am told that this is because the TTIG frequency plan is us902-928 (GW is in Ecuador) while the PlacePod frequency plan is au915-928 and there is incompatibility between these two:

Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

So can you confirm that your gatway is getting data from the device? Has the gateway made a connection with the AU gateway ( Also can you confirm if your TTIG has the right firmware flashed? If the firmware isn’t ment for au then the frequency plan will be incorrect.
This thread may help you TTIG AU915 support

Sorry for the late reply. Happy New Year Everyone!
About this topic: I´m sure my gateway wasn´t receiving any data from the sensor, but not sure if the gateway reached the AU gateway. As an update about this issue, I asked through this forum thread TTIG AU915 support to add my gateway to the AU915 frequency plan, and as soon as this was applied, the TTIG received data from the PlacePod. Right now everything is working as expected.