July 2019 - up to date info to connect to Brisbane LORAWAN?

New to LORA, and not familiar with this forum platform.

Apparently the Brisbane LORAWAN is 923MHz, I’ve seen a large number of tutorials, git repos, hackaday examples etc using other frequencies. Searching for LORA modules compatible with 923MHz isn’t looking good. (915MHz being common).

Is there an onboarding process I’m missing? Several of the questions I’ve seen previously have included responses like 'everyone makes their own PCB’s. Which might have been true a few years ago, today there are integrated ESP32 LORA boards (with bluetooth and wifi) and the standard ESP32 pinouts.

I’m getting the impression the Meshed company is funded by various councils and rolling out a 923MHz standard, which is great. I’m also getting the feeling companies coming along later are being hindered from adopting LORA 923MHz due to the lack of information and parts. Again, I’d happily be corrected, but not finding full info on parts and config.

This repo was referenced in another thread. Not sure what to do with this.

pointers, help & links to previous discussions on this topic I’ve missed welcome.

but what is your question ?

@MatthewBNE - meshed runs dual frequency gateways I think.

A lot were established with AU915 and @Maj has been rolling out AS923 support as well.

An ESP32 based board such as the TTGo can use either, its just a matter of changing the setting in LMIC. I use the MCCI Catena LMIC for ease of switching between frequency plans.

If you have specific questions, fire away


Brisbane Council has recently deployed a number of gateways across the region on AS923.


Range can be seen on TTNMapper



Following this old thread because my question seems very similar

I’m starting to get my feet wet with TTN here in Brisbane and I’m not clear on the status of AU915 and AS923 here. I have a AU915 device which has only connected to the mesh gateway in QUT.

Are the BCC gateways AS923 only? Or did the pilot end now that its March 2020?

Or more generically, is there any way to see what frequencies a gateway supports on TTN maps?