Kerlink IoT station problems

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Hey there,

I am working on a Kerlink IoT station and having troubles with it. Let me explain myself:

  • I can connect the gateway through ftp, and internet, but not via ssh;
  • It looks like (when on hyperterminal), that something goes wrong (watchdog) and then the station goes off and on every minute;
  • I am trying to find LoRaMacConfig or so (even on Github), but I can’t find and executable file;
  • I removed every file from this station and tryed to do the manip with the USB key but no .log file appeared (on the USB key).

I don’t want to show everything that annoys me, but did anyone had troubles like those ? If yes, let me please know what you did to go through it !



If I were you I’d reset the station firmware to factory settings.

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Thx for your reply, but I can even achieve to do it… how do you do it usually ? Because I think I already did it but nothing changed.


To manually force the station to return to factory settings, you have to reset your station with the reset button 22 times.
Press the reset btn, release it, wait 5-10 second, repeat 22 times.


Actually, the procedure is described in their wiki.

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Thx for you help. Anyway, I did what you said lately and it seems that the station reseted properly. But now I can’t acces it even through SPN web, debut card, nor ssh. It refuses any connexion.
Its seems that the gateway refuses everything.


Do you have the debug cable that comes with the gateway?

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I do use it, but the login is refused all the time.


I just set mine up a few days ago and it went fairly smoothly.

Followed the instructions on and the Kerlink Wiki page.
Then updated the firmware to the latest version.
Then configured to send the packets to TTN (

If you have tried the factory reset, then I’m not sure what else could be wrong. Perhaps you may need to ask Kerlink support.

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All right then I’ll try to reset it one more time and go back to the beginning step by step and we’ll see.
Thx for your reply.

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Just factory reseted the station. The connexion is still forbbiden. So, how do I know if I reseted properly ?


Connection is forbidden through SSH? and the debug probe too?


I’m assuming, you’ve read this,

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I can’t connect it with debug tool nor ssh, and I have already seen this file.


When you’re connected via debug probe, do you see any output in terminal after station reset with reset button?

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When I press only one time the button, it shows quite a lot of things (just like if you were booting linux), and stops after a while to ask me ID and password. Then, I enter it, and it doesn’t stop saying that the login is wrong.


You do use the factory default ID (root) and password(root), right?

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Yep, it doesn’t work.
I try also admin and spnpwd and still the same.


Are you sure it is updated with the ttn kerlink firmware? We had some problems as well installing it and it seemed we used a wrong usb stick type.
Maybe try again with a smaller usb stick?

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I finally solved my problem, thanks for you replies. In fact, as noob as I am, I didn’t know that when you factory reset the gateway, there ain’t no firmware anymore in it, so you needto reflash one in there.

But, now, I actually am trying to receive data from a little mote to my station (I don’t know how this one is configured but following the wiki, I just need to enter the keys), and nothing happens, looks like the can’t reach each others.

Any idea ?