LA66 USB module join request fails - MIC mismatch

I am struggling to set up my new device (“Dragino LA66 USB module”) on the TTN network. I am using my own “Dragino LPS8” gateway and actually see that it receives information from the LoraWan-Module (“receive uplink message”). However, on the module/application side I get the following message: “join-request to cluster-local join server failed mic mismatch”. I have already checked DevEUI, JoinEUI and AppEUI which are all correct. Frequency plan is set to Europe (SF12), LoraWan Version 1.04 and Regional Parameter is “RP002-Regional Parameter 1.0.3”. Do you have experience with this issue or an idea what I am doing wrong?

How many hits are there on the forum search for ‘mic mismatch’?
Plus it makes an appearance in the docs: Home | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

Why this plan and not the recommended one? You’ll be excluding community use which is what TTN is meant for.

The product page says 1.0.3.

Many thanks for your answer. I actually spend some time searching the forum trying to solve the problem myself before making this post - perhaps not thoroughly enough.

However, I could eventually SOLVE the issue by unsetting the NwkKey using the command line interface as outlined on the TTN website under troubleshooting.

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