LDS01 with external Antenna


i just received some Dragino LDS01 and i am pretty amazed of its simple Design and amazing pricing.
In some situation the internal antenna does not work well.
As there is an ipex connector on the topside of the board i asked myself if it can be used to easyly add an external antenna.
Does it require further modification or is it plug and play?

I think you need to disconnect the internal antenna because 2 antennas at the same time connected to one transmitter does not work well.
As I have no circuit drawing I do not know if it is possible le or how to do that.

Thank you for your answer.
“How to disconnect the internal antenna?” is perhaps my real question.

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  1. Check the manual… nope, nothing there

  2. Ask Dragino

  3. Post a high resolution picture of the circuit board showing the connector and internal antenna

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