LHT52 New Device not able to Connect to Gateway

Hi. I am trying to connect the Dragino’s new LHT52 end device to a gateway using TTN. The END device comes just with DEV EUI nowadays. I connected the gateway to the TTN cloud and I am able to receive the receive gateway status message and when the sensor is turned on I receive uplink message, which shows the DEV EUI and JOIN EUI the DEV EUI is same as sensor. After that I tried to create an application to add an end device. I gave the JOIN EUI which was received in the uplink message to the gateway and the sensor DEV EUI. But the end device was not connected with the application.
I get this error and I am not sure how to resolve this.
Join-request to cluster-local Join Server failed MIC mismatch

Could you please help me with this? I am using RAK developer gateway

For a successful join you need DevEUI, JoinEUI (or AppEUI as it was called in the past) and AppKey. These should be preprogrammed and you need exacte the same triple at TTN to be able to join.
If you don’t have the right AppKey you will get MIC errors. Sounds familiar? :wink:

BTW, Dragino never printed the AppEUI and AppKey on the device, these were on a label inside the box (sometimes glued to the lid of the cardboard box)

Edit: just checked and my box has the label on the underside of the brown lid, just as expected.

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Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I found the details on the lab, which is glued to the lid of the carboard box. :frowning:

It would seem Mr @kersing isn’t on form, as he’d normally point out that devices don’t connect to gateways, they connect to the LoRaWAN Network Server as this is not WiFi. Gateways just turn electromagnetic radiation in air to electromagnetic pulses on wires as long as the signal matches LoRa & the CRC checks out.

A nuance worth noting for future debugging. :wink:

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