License error on TTS OS

i am using ttn on Docker-compose. i have setup all the things using the guide provided. on running the container i got the error about my IP address is not licensed. I am doing this on an ssh remote server and want to access it using the IP address
Can you guide a little about this problem how can i solve it?

the tls settings are here

  source: "acme"
    dir: "/var/lib/acme"
    email: ""
    hosts: ["123.111.321.22"]
    # If running a multi-tenant environment, specify the wildcard address:
    # hosts: ["*.123.111.321.22"]
    default-host: "123.111.321.22"

and here is the log-error.

error:cmd/internal/shared:initialize_identity_server (initialize Identity Server)
--- error:pkg/license:component_address_not_licensed (component address `123.111.321.22` is not included in this license)

for clear understanding here is the error details

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