LILYGO TTGO Meshtastic T-Beam LoRa 868Mhz with TTN

I am new to LoRaWAN and TTN. I have set up my Kerlink Wirnet iFemtoCell, and it is connected to TTN. I am using the LILYGO TTGO Meshtastic T-Beam LoRa 868Mhz as an end device, with the latest esp32 firmware ‘v1.21.0 (2023-10-05)’ on it. My board has an integrated Semtech SX1276, and I am looking for a MicroPython LoRaWAN library for ESP32 to communicate with TTN.

Any advice, please?


There is an active build in progress for CircuitPython by @bnnorman but AFAIK the MicroPython libraries that do exist lack the features to make it interact with TTS v3 effectively.

I’d encourage you to research the list of libraries that you may find by forum & Google search so that others can comment on them.

But fundamentally the majority of LW stacks are C based …

How much SRAM does the TTGO have? I tried a DoIt esp32 dev kit v1 but it ran out of memory. Although it has twice the sram of an RP2040 whats left after adding circuitpython is a lot less. An Esp32 with psram should be ok but I don’t have one to try.

I’m currently trying to add support for an sx126x but that is taking some time ( no python sx126x driver that I can find online so having to make my own)

Thank you very much for your replying. I have to do some more researches on Google as you mentioned.

It is like 107 kilobytes

IIRC the doit only has 11k left so this looks like it might work if sensor code doesn’t add much. It can’t hurt to try. You’ll just get a memory allocation failure if it runs out.

You could add the gc.mem_free() in to see what’s left after the code has loaded.

If you don’t need logging you can remove it but when I tried that the doit still ran out of memory. You should remove logging anyway when testing is complete because it is writing to the filesystem and so flash will wear out eventually.

I will try this method as well and see what results it provides. I appreciate your guidance.

Let me know how you get on. If it works I can add the device as usable in my docs.

Sure, I’ll notify you when it works.