LIVE - The Things Virtual Conference

Hi all

The Things Virtual Conference is now Live - plenty of exciting sessions and workshops, AMA’s live for the next 24 hours -


Here is the full agenda - link.

See you there.


I’m having problems with the link for my ticket to the conference on Evenbrite. Link from ticket says “Locked Content”. Can anyone please help?

Yes it looks like the Eventbrite links went a bit wrong. You can now just go to

What about links to the works shops listed on the programme?

We have two concurrent streams:

Main Stage:

Thanks for the links.

What was the point of paying for a ticket if the streams are on YouTube?

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That is something for our conference organizer @laurens to answer, but as you can probably understand, he’s quite busy now. Let’s focus on the live LoRaWAN content now, and let him answer later. :slight_smile:


We are reaching the final 2 hours of our 24 hour marathon! Last chance to tune in:

Main Stage

7:00 AM (CEST)
Tim van Dam & Luka Mustafa & Blaz Bratus, IRNAS & Smart Parks
Smartparks and IRNAS designing Rhino implants and Collar LoRaWAN trackers

7:30 AM (CEST)
Stefan Zimmermann, Comtac
Guided tour through the LoRaWAN hardware development process

7:45 AM (CEST)
Ehsan Zabihi & Abanob Abdelnour, NOWI
An Ultra Low Power EH PMIC for Wireless Communication Protocols

8:10 AM (CEST)
Mallesh T & Rathinasamy K S, Enthu Tech
Precision Agriculture with LoRaWAN

8:30 AM (CEST)
Wienke Giezeman & Johan Stokking, The Things Industries
Technology & market updates

Workshop stream

6:30 AM (CEST)
The Things Industries
From idea to a product. How to design your own LoRaWAN node using open-source tools

7:00 AM (CEST)
Three best practices in designing for a long battery life of your IoT device

8:00 AM (CEST)
Lacuna Space
LoRa® based Connectivity Everywhere

do you have a plan to make a record for the workshop ?

Hi @htdvisser, I’ve tried contacting @laurens about the Evenbrite trickets and I have had no response. Is there anyone else I can direct my questions to? Thanks Duncan

He should have received automatic notifications from the forum about this, but to be sure I sent him a message pointing him here