LORA BEE SX1276 module with things network (Can't receive data)


So i’m having Arduino nano 33 ble sense with Lore Bee sx1276 module. I’m using tinylora library from arduino and couldn’t get the data received at TTN.

I created the device manually with freq plan EU863-870, Version 1.1, regional parameter 1.1 version A.
I am using the hello lora example from the library and have rechecked all the keys.
What are the possible problems?? Can this library not support this lora module or there is some way around?
The serial monitor doesn’t show any problems…

Many problems stemming from using a very out of date library that wasn’t really compatible with v2 and isn’t even a little bit compatible with v3 as time & the standards have moved on.

Use either the latest MCCI LMIC or LMIC-node

Hello… I’m now using mcci lmic library. However, i’m counting on some nearby gateway but i’m not sure. It’s few kms away… I’m not receiving any data on TTN but the serial arduino console says TX Complete.

So take the node closer to the Gateway …

i have worked close to gateway too but it’s not working… im using ABP and using the right keys too. Library = IBM LMIC and MCCI LMIC . Worked with both sketches…

What does this mean if you said above it’s not working?

There are no up to date versions of IBM LMIC - so just stick with MCCI LMIC.

Like the other “can’t connect” thread, it’s really hard to debug if you don’t have access to the gateway console to see if it’s heard the uplink.

What is close to the gateway? 100m, 1km, 5 km, 10km?

Almost 500 meters… i know this because there was is one gateway installed in my uni dept. And i’m working 500 meters away!

I am now using MCCI LMIC… was just trying my shot with IBM LMIC. Won’t use it again…

And i meant i have worked with both, and not received any data.
And yes, regarding the gateway, i’ll see if i can setup my own… but the thing is that 2 years ago i worked in the same vicinity of the known gateway and it worked back then. The gateway still is there (confirmed by my department) so i’m confused!

A Realtek USB DVB stick (around £12) can be used to display the RF activity from a node. You cannot decode the data, but you can see if the node is actually transmitting and on the correct frequency.

That would have been under TTN V2, 2021 we migrated to TTS(CE) aka TTN V3 with 'final V2 sunset Dec’21 - much closer to full LoRaWAN complance and hence much more picky and choosey wrt node behaviour, use lates MCCI lib if you can or look at LMIC-Node

Thankyou… but for some reason, i have to stick with arduino 33 ble sense and i guess that’s not supported by lmic node.

So i’m using MCCI LMIC…

Which version/library specifically? (Link to source)

latest version

And do you have access to the TTN Console view of that GW to see what it hears from your node? Or can someone who does have access tell you/grab data? Aso what are you seeing in the node local console output?

If struggling with reception can you take node closer to the GW?

I don’t have access to the gateway console. However, right now i’m very close (on the face) of the gateway!
I have rechecked my pin connection and frequency settings too.
I’m using Lorawan version 1.0.3 and regional version A. is it true for sx1276? Any idea? as i couldn’t find this data on any datasheet and one tutorial on youtube used these settings for sx1276. So i’m following the same…

My serial monitor shows display like this:

21:26:25.624 → 20350149: EV_TXSTART
21:26:25.624 → Packet queued
21:26:27.714 → 20481622: EV_TXCOMPLETE (includes waiting for RX windows)
21:26:57.406 → 22356953: EV_TXSTART
21:26:57.406 → Packet queued
21:26:59.496 → 22488402: EV_TXCOMPLETE (includes waiting for RX windows)

I’m using example ttn-abp and just altered the session keys and the pin map for DIO0 and DIO1.
And have selected sx1276 radio 1
and EU 863 plan… in the config files!

Also as i can see that gateway on Heat map of ttn… I saw that it last heard at around 4:30 pm and i was trying to send data after 5pm. So i think it’s not even listening.
That’s a clue…
Screenshot from 2022-07-28 21-44-02