LoRa Dragino Raspberry Pi

Hello, i have rpi 3a+ and have a problem to configure a node.
I use this instruction:
Use LoRa GPS HAT and RPi 3 as LoRa End Device
What is wrong?received_511304946308918 chrome

Ctrl-Z is suspend, use Ctrl-C to kill something. Suspending an instance may have left it in the background fighting the new one for ownership of the radio.

You need to debug the flags issue; and figure out why FSK was involved at all.

The LMiC stack which you seem to be using some variation of will not stage new data for sending if it still has a send / receive cycle in progress; you’ll need to understand what is going on overall.

Note that a pi’s full multitasking OS makes it a somewhat awkward choice for an end-device; people do it, but you’ll probably need to open the receive window a bit early to account for less reliable timing; fortunately the pi burns enough power that leaving the radio receiving longer than usual shouldn’t be noticed.

I noticed that I’m using the wrong frequency.
I change 902 Mhz to 868.1 Mhz. but now I have errors.15651189185272556634712510031606
Rpi 3b is gateway, rpi 3a is node.

How i can debug the flags?

Trace back through the code generating the messages.

Print out what is actually read from the chip, compare it to the data sheet

Consult with the author of the raspberry pi port you are using.