LoRa-E5 development board not connecting to TTN

I have an end node that is not showing up in TTN at all (no status of any kind). (actually I have two that I have tried with similar results)

Gateway- WM1302 stacked onto RPi5 - (registered on TTN and working per status mssg)
End node - LoRa-E5 development board commanded by AT commands.

I set the following on TTN or / and end node:
US915 DR0
APPKEY (generated at TTN and copied to node)
DEVEUI / JOINEUI (copied to TTN from node)
LoRaWAN specification 1.0.2B (set at TTN and copied to node)

I try and Join (AT+JOIN) but RealTerm responds back Join failed.

The only link that seems to come close and that I can find is :
Example for adding Grove - LoRa-E5 to TTN - Products & Technology / LoRa - Seeed Forum (seeedstudio.com)

Any suggestions as to what I might try?

Make sure both the gateway and the node are configured to use the subband TTN uses. If things don’t match either data will not be received because the receiver listens on different frequencies or TTN discards the data if the received packet doesn’t match expected frequencies.

Thank you…that was exactly what I was missing…I needed to configure the channels on my node.

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