LoRa in Spaaaace!

Tickled me when I saw this… our TTN friend and veteran of these part Thomas Telkamp @telkamp strikes again! Guess we need to wait to hear from the man himself if the “short message” was in fact LoRaWAN or anywhere near compliant! :rofl:

:thinking: Frequency used? So much for RED compliance! :shock:
“the signal was amplified to 350w using the 25-metre dish of the Dwingeloo Radio Observatory in the Netherlands”


It actually was a LoRaWAN message according to this other article : https://eandt.theiet.org/content/articles/2021/11/european-scientists-bounce-first-ever-lora-message-off-the-moon/ :slight_smile:

Indeed and it seems at ~433Mhz (if 350W I assume under special licence?!)… wonder what SF used… guess we will have to wait and book our tickets to


In order to find out more!!! :slight_smile:

Na, just do it and then ask the police to investigate - LoRaWOT? Big radio? etc etc

imho if you are a licensed Radio Amateur you are allowed to transmit with 350W e.r.p. in the 70cm-band (abt. 433 MHz). This is an interesting version of EME (Earth Moon Earth) using LoRa as digital transmission.

But when I use my laser pointer to try to bounce off any of the reflectors left behind by the Apollo missions, nothing comes back - maybe it was all a big hoax. Maybe the moon is painted on the top of the dome we all live in.

It is flat and pilots never uses the elevator in level flight :smiley: :smiley:

The moon is never directly over head in Bury UK so it doesnt reflect back down on you, but rather given

Some poor sole checking his/her/their LoRaWAN poacher tracking sensors down on the African savanna looks up at the moon and wonders why it has developed a little red spot?! The moon developing a pubescent pimple or start of measles or some guy in N.West UK shining a laser light that reflected towards him :rofl: