LoRa Swimming pool Temp, PH, ORP monitoring solution

Hi, i have been using a raspberry pi based mains powered swimming pool Temp, PH, ORP sensor for years, now I would like to do the same but battery powered one and using LoRa.
I already have a LoRa gateway.

In order to avoid any drilling or gluing to the pool wall, i think a floating solution would be the best. I have current sensors in the pipe but the downside of this, i can not measure when the poolpump is off.
Hourly measurement would be needed in the pool to get alert if ORP or PH goes haywire.

Here is the Raspberry HAT i use currently: https://www.whiteboxes.ch/docs/tentacle/t3/#/?id=introduction

I already looked into it, looks like it would be possible with low power consumption arduino and lora shield.

so the components are:

  1. an arduino board Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 | Arduino Official Store
  2. pool sensor arduino board Whitebox T2 for Arduino – Whitebox Labs
  3. dragino LoRa shield LoRa Shield - 868MHz

i would need help with the software to read the sensors and send it out via LoRa, as i am not a programmer.

Nice project :grinning:
I have made another solution, different hardware:

Maybe you can do something with that?

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