LoRa World Record Broken: 832km/517mi using 25mW

In the past 5 years, the world record for the maximum distance a LoRaWAN data packet can travel has been broken multiple times, even once being broken within 5 hours of being set. The last world record was 766 km (476 miles) and the new record stands at an incredible 832 km (517 miles).

Who made the world record attempt?

The new world record was set on Thursday, 16th of April. The attempt was made by Thomas Telkamp (@telkamp) CTO and co-founder of Lacuna Space and was presented live during The Things Virtual Conference. Thomas Telkamp was interestingly also involved in a previous record breaking event. Similar to previous attempts, this attempt involved launching a high altitude balloon filled with helium, that had been attached with a LoRaWAN sensor.


More in article LoRa World Record Broken: 832km/517mi using 25mW.


Hi guys, I have question about the gateway located on Radhost mountain (Radhošť in Czech).

Why this gateway isn’t part of the TTN map? Or is this gateway part of CRa LoRaWAN network and TTN has arranged bridging with CRa, thus 3rd party LoRaWAN networks are not visible on the TTN map?


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