LoRaWAN and FSK modulation

Hello, I have a question about FSK modulation. I do not know if anyone can help me.
If I set DR7 (FSK modulation) to my end-device. Does it still behave as class A? or Does it behave as class C until gateway switches this end-devices back to LoRa(DR0-DR5) to return to class A?
Thank you very much

The device class (A, B, C) is totally independent of the modulation. afaik FSK-modulation is unusual in LoRaWan but theoreticaly possible. I never used it.

According to LoRaWAN specification. GW can configure a end-device by setting its DataRate parameter. But it is not clear, at least for me, if this modulation change is for a specific LoRaWAN class.
Thank you very much for your replay

A gateway can not and will not set any node parameters. The network server can instruct the nodes LoRaWAN stack using MAC commands. The gateway can’t as it does not have the encryption keys required to encrypt/sign the downlink packet.

Sorry, you are right. The network server it’s the one which can send MAC commands to end-devices.
Thank you very much