Lorawan vehicle tracker

hello guys,i am new here to learn this technology, i have a several question to asked about this application of lorawan

  1. i would like to asked is there anyone have develope vehicle tracking system by using lorawan to located the lost vehicle?
  2. if yes, i would like to asked what are the hardware component that is used to build the nodes that tracking the vehicle?
  3. does a single channel packet gateway can support this nodes?
  4. my last question is how to develop gui because at TTN ( The Things Network) it only shows raw data only or any other suggestions to integrate with the google map? data from TTN for GPS coordinate visualize to map?

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If your going on a public network that supports geolocation (eg KPN) you can also simply use a LoraWAN accelerometer which does uplinks while moving. The network calculates the location based on TDOA. Altough not as accurate as GPS, its very battery and cost efficient.

Link to the product:

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Check out the Sodaq One. Lorawan + GPS + Accelerometer, perfect for this kind of applications.


In answer to your questions:

1.) We are trialling GPS tracking solutions on our website https://gridlocate.com. To stay impartial, I also recommend you check out MyDevices who are offering map tracking features at their site https://mydevices.com. GPSGate is looking at solutions as well.
1b.) But most of these projects are for tracking delivery vehicles or individuals who’ll operate within a fixed area (e.g. city). I’m not aware of anyone working on a specific solution for stolen/lost vehicles.
2.) We’re using the GPS Trackers available from the manufacturer http://zane.hu.
3.) A single channel Gateway (SCG) isn’t a good idea. If you are locating a lost/stolen car, then it is better to have the full multi-channel solution. There are portable LoRaWAN gateways with GPRS that would allow you to ‘roam’ looking for the car.
4.) As above, you could consider the website https://mydevices.com, or https://gridlocate.com. To visualise data, you’ll need to store the GPS data into a database, and then - using HTML/JS pull that information into a google map.

Final thought: If you buy the zTrack GPS trackers from https://zane.hu, they come pre-configured for Zane’s own tracker map solution. I think you’d need to point your gateway to their network service.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions. I’ve been working on GPS Tracking solutions for over 4 years.

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Thanks! Did you also consider options that read data from the OBD (diagnostics) port?

for a diy / builder … is it interesting to open a free account for a single LoRaWAN TTN gps node ?

if yes I’ll give it a try :wink:

  • I’ve searched your website but I didn’t see any protocol info like CayenneLPP so I assume it’s closed source ?

Have you develop the gui google map from the raw data ?

Have you develop the gui google map from the raw data ?

Just a heads up, as the last forum posts have resurrected a thread 11months old, that the company referenced earlier - Geolocate was dissolved back in July per records at Companies House. The website is still ‘alive’ and listed as © Geolocate Ltd but may be that having prepaid (say annual or bi-annual) hosting charges & domain fees that the site has continued after dissolution as a Zombie and should therefore be treated as a zombie/orphaned site esp wrt any ‘shop’ or buy sensor requests (which call out other 3rd party products). The was an earlier company of the same name also dissolved - back in 2015.


just saying…as it may be someone is monitoring emails/info requests etc. to provide follow up, in which case perhaps they can update all on forum and put back on a legal footing… :wink:


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Hi !
did you find a OBD (diagnostics) Lora tracker ?


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no, i didn’t. As far as I know it simply doesn’t exist, also not with other low power protocols. There are some of the shelf 2G solutions though. If you’re considering building something I believe the freeduino would be an easy start. LoRa is not the hard part… reading the OBD is more difficult. An alternative solution would be building a generic node with a bluetooth connection and using a cheap bluetooth OBD dongle.


(note that the remark below the bluetooth logo was because I used the pic before where this would be part of a generic gateway solution)

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Hello Is there any update on a GPS OBD tracker working on LoRaWAN?