Low Conso GW

Hi all,

I’am looking for an ultra low conso GW. What I’am looking for is an all included GW running on microcontroller (STM32) : LoRa stack + Network + App server embedded. I’am not looking for a packet forwarder.

Multi channel

I’ve found a French company providing such GW, but closed source.

I’ve setup a Raspberry + RAK831+ LoraServer.io stack. Running fine, but consuming too much for what I planning (solar powered).

Single channel

From what I’ve measured, a sx1276 (from a muRata CMWX1ZZABZ) consume around 20mA in Rx (so one single frequency), the STM32 in sleep mode.

I’ve setup the ESP-1ch-GW. Running ok, but only Uplink is managed.

I’am looking for a library for managing :

  • Unmarshall/Marshall packets : I’am using for now util-lorawan-packets
  • Downlink messages : Join Accept + Confirmed Ack
  • Windows downlink timing (RX1 + RX2)

I founded severals libs doing so, but in Go, Erlang, Javascrypt or Python. So porting on STM32 could be tricky, time consumming.

Anyone aware about a C/C++ lib ?

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Have you checked the data sheets of concentrator board for power consumption? I know from experience all concentrator boards I’ve got (at least 6 different) get hot so low power consumption is not available. That means a full gateway requires a considerable milli amps.

When it comes to creating a stand-alone LoRaWAN on a micro controller: well, this is The Things Network, a community driven network. Stand-alone gateways are by definition not part of that community. So I suggest you try somewhere else…

Thanks Jac for your answer,

I’ve read the document from Semtech that state 2.4W for the pico GW, and my RAK831 is also hot !
So I guess that multi channel GW is out off my spec for now.

About topic of this forum, I understand, any forum to point to ?