Making a Single Channel Packet Forwarder using RPi and LoRa Shield

I’m new to Lora Technology and my project is Uploading and downloading data from ThingSpeak
I needed to make my own Gateway using RPi and a lora shield, i followed these two links
Use Lora Shield and RPi to Build a LoRaWAN Gateway
Build Lora gateway using Raspberry Pi 3 model B and Dragino Lora shield v95
And my issue is i keep getting “unrecognized transceiver” ,i double checked my pin/wiring configuration and nothing.
I’m using LoRa Shield V95 version 1.4 to make the gateway,but in the tutorials he’s using lora shield 1.1.
So am i doing something wrong? should i use LoRa/GPS HAT with RPi or it’s possible to make a gateway using LoRa Shield 1.4? (i found many solution online using LoRa/GPS HAT and that why i’m asking).
As for Connecting to ThingSpeak,how do i do that? should i use NodeRed and Mqtt app to link between TTN and ThingSpeak? if so ,can someone help with the sketch or give me hints to send Data to ThingSpeak.
Thank You for help

If you want a LoRaWAN compatible solution you will need to use a concentrator board as available from for instance RAK or iMST. That allows you to build a gateway.
Your current solution can be used to build something that receives communication on one frequency with one spreading factor. Not LoRaWAN compatible but some people used it with TTN nevertheless.
You should not have to buy another board for that solution, just make sure the wiring matches that of the LoRa+GPS board or adapt the pins in the software accordingly.

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i only have Two LoraShields V95,one for the Arduino MEga to use as a node,and another to make the Rpi forward my packets for ttn,i don’t have a LoRa GPs/Hat
can i make it with what i have or Should i get a Lora/Gps Hat?

Read my previous reply. You should be able to use the hardware you have to build something functional though not LoRaWAN compliant.

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I have the same problem with Dragino Shield 1.4 and the “unrecognized transceiver” message. In the c++ code, I always get a version value of zero. Did somebody sove that?

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I do have the same issue. Any fix ?!! is it anything to with Jumper ?


The world has moved on since this topic was opened. We no longer support the concept of Single Channel Packet Forwarders for LoRaWAN as they are hugely disruptive to the network - devices expect to use 8 channels, a SCPF can only, by definition, listen on 1 channel. So there is a good chance many uplinks are lost which isn’t good for the community.

If you want to use your Dragino HAT as a device, please can you search the forum for this or open a new topic.


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