MCF88-LW12TERWP Payload Decoder


I have recently been lent a MCF88-LW12TERWP to play with, hardware-wise its a nice device and I like the NFC config capability however I cannot work out how to decode the payloads…

The “data sheet” from the manufacturers’ website is next to useless at describing anything other than the very high-level features of the device -

I was hoping somebody may already have a JS decoder I can use for this device that plugs directly into the Payload Decoder in TTN console.

Here is an example of the payload spat out by the device… 048DB1F62883095EA38C01CFB2F62880095FA28C0112B4F628770961A58C0164

Many thanks in advanced.

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Did you try the decoder from Mcf-lw12terwp?


Yep that seems to work fine, I am not a great JS guy so my conversion will probably be less elegant than others could achieve, I’ll probably shove my attempts on Github as it seems nobody else has a decoder for the TTN decoder yet.

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I made some progress on porting the Python stuff linked to JS so it can be used in TTN Payload Decoder however I can’t get the minutes working…

Here is what I have so far -

Here is an example input - 04 E4 A5 02 29 56 09 66 22 8B 01 26 A7 02 29 56 09 68 27 8B 01 E9 A8 02 29 54 09 67 2D 8B 01 64

Which gets decoded to -

The time is the first 4 bytes of each measurement and then the minutes is the last 3 bits of the 3rd byte and the first 3 bits of the 4th byte. I am successfully decoding the day/month/hours etc… it’s just the minutes that I can’t decode, the minutes in the output gist are incorrect. I tried doing what I did for the month as that also straddles two bytes, but I couldn’t get it working :frowning:.

Any help to get this up and running would be greatly appreciated. It’s probably something simple/dumb that I am missing.

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Alright, all fixed with help from @TonySmith

Here is the decoder if anyone else has one of these…

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Just to be sure: did you see the remarks I left 5 days ago? You may not need support for negative temperatures, but I’m quite sure the bug with the date handling will bite you in 2021, if you rely on that.

(Aside: in case you did not know, you can edit gists; no need to create a new one for fixes.)