MEET & GREET @ ThingsConference 2019?

As I will be at ThingsConference next week I was hoping to meet some regulars there. Anyone more attending? Plan a small Meetup there?


How about an after-meet close by? I don’t have tickets

That’s an option too! howabout thursday evening?

I’d be up for that!
but I guess some (speakers etc) will be at the VIP meet?

I signed up for your workshop too

I’m around for the conference, but I’m also at the VIP drinks on the Thursday night.

I land on Wednesday and fly back Saturday, so I’d be happy to meet up either Wednesday or Friday if anyone fancies it (obviously if the plans get made for Thursday, I’m not expecting them to be changed for me! :smiley: )

Hi all,
I’m not sure if forum non-regular qualifies, if not I will create other thread :slight_smile:
Anyway, there will be 3 people from LPN Plant (including me) and we would be glad to talk about LoRaWAN gateways and nodes. I believe we have quite a lot to share since we have some side-channel experience e.g. personally I’m official firmware maintainer of PC Engines platforms (e.g. LinkLabs gw or lpnGate), we also did quite lot around AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass.

I already trying to gather interested people to some discussion day before conference

No need to create another thread. any aditional gathering is welcome.

That sounds great! however I am occupied the day before so I cannot attend. Hope to see you at the conference.

Would be thrilled to meet the regular TTN folks from here!


Can’t we just use TTN Slack to plan something?

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All friends of #paxcounter can meet all it’s 3 makers on day2, stage2, at 3:00 PM at talk
Transforming Train Stations with LoRaWAN :grin:


Sure why not. This was just a thread to interest people.

everyone can read this forum topic… not everyone has access to TTN slack, but if you find each other it doesn’t matter how :sunglasses:

to be clear :

A - to meet other TTN’ers during the conference in a lost hour (hence The Meeting Point suggestion)

B - to meet other TTN’ers after the conference, on Friday (because Thursday some are at the vip event.) at a location in the city, someone have to organise that.

C - to meet other TTN’ers before the conference, on Wednesdayevening at a location in the city or hotel, someone have to organise that.

A #Conference channel is created on the messaging app Slack. Join this channel to
get in touch with the conference visitors and to receive daily updates. There are
already over 1000 people subscribed to this channel.

The Visitors Guide to The Things Conference pdf



update 2
I’m not attending

I’m on Slack, what would be the best channel to discuss this meeting, if any?
I understand not everyone is interested in Wednesday, but if VIP event is Thursday, then personally I have no other choice then try to organize something earlier. I’m getting back on Friday, but some LPN Plant people would definitely be interested in attending Friday evening event.

I’m not familiar with Amsterdam, but I assume restaurant location should be in reasonable distance from the conference center. If this is incorrect then please let me know. So my proposal would be to meet on Wednesday 6pm here. Any suggestions from people having experience with great places will be appreciated.

I’ll be flying the flag for the Adelaide TTN community at the conference. I should be able to get there Wed, but might be a bit after 6.

I don’t land until 2025 on Wednesday night, so it’s unlikely I’ll make that one, but I’m sure I’ll see you all around and about!

To all those who have asked me through various channels, sorry but looks like wont be able to join you :cry:

Have kept diary open for last few months just in case, and even got pass out from the wife!, but only tend to do such international events these days if sponsored by a company or funded in large part or whole by a client. Sadly as of weekend despite some promising discussions it looks like that isnt going to happen. Have already spent up on TTN so this would be a step too far :slight_smile: much as would love to meet some of you f2f & grab beer/coffee/vino…

Every cloud has a silver lining…money saved can now go on another 2-4 GW’s! :slight_smile: in coming weeks

Hopefully many sessions will be streamed/recorded as last year and maybe even a few workshops filmed & posted by attendees?! {hint, hint} :wink:

…have drink for me…


thanks Jeff :smirk:

Ok, so it looks like we have 5/6 people so far. Of course I’m still open to other locations or time. If someone would be later that’s perfectly fine, but we should reserve a sit.

@proffalken shall I count you?

Sorry, I cannot attend on wednesday. I have a presentation that evening about TTN-Apeldoorn.
thursday evening I am still available for those who are no VIP :wink:

Probably best not to, depending on what time I get to the hotel then I’ll check here/slack and see what’s happening (I tend to be on Slack far more often than on the forums), but it’s a safer bet that I’ll not be there.