There are no available integrations for handler meshed-handler. Check back later!

Is the message I receive when creating a new application pointed towards the meshed-handler then trying to create a integration.

Anyone seen the same?

Integrations on the Meshed handler are managed by their local console You won’t see them on the regular console.


Who knew, thanks!

I agree. Most users enter their applications through the console from the main website. Who knows about a local console?!?
Is there any way this can be published by the things network somehow?

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I’ve made a request to make the AU console more evident. Given the focus on V3 we may not see any changes soon though. Yes, the Australian console is a well kept secret (inadvertantly :)).

For reference, if you are in Australia, you should:

But you are also free not to.


Does anything change here. I am getting a lookup error.

mosquitto_sub -h -t ‘+/devices/+/up’

To connect to meshed-handler on MQTT, use rather than


Why does the Meshed-handler Console not have all the same integrations as the “normal” TTN console.
It is missing the AllThingsTalk Maker , Everything , Tago and ubidots.
If we are in Australia and meant to use the best kept secret website the " Meshed-handler" then how come we do not then get all the same integrations ?.
Does this mean that we should not be using Meshed-handler if we are for instance using one of the above platforms ?.

Have you been to
Where there is a selection of integrations. Yes, I have no idea why the meshed site is so hard to find either!!

Yes I was on the meshed site but then integration options on that site are less than the ones on the TTN main console for some reason as per my listing above ?

I have requested the remaining integrations to be deployed to the Australian site.

Regarding the Australian console,, I realise this is hard to find. I understand that V3 will work differently and this wont be a problem in the future.

I have updated the Australia country page to make this more evident.

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Thanks @Maj things are looking good for Australia! All we need to agree on is a set of common frequencies!

Hi @Maj, for you to even need to make this request seems wrong. Somehow we need to get the message through that the long term success of TTN (and their private interests) are dependant on the community. Integrations like this should have been released on all servers on the same day (including Meshed) and if that was not possible, then there should be a published release timetable. Being left in the dark is at odds with keeping the community engaged. I for one have already started looking at alternative backends as I don’t want to be left behind just because we live in a particular part of world. I appreciate the voluntary work you do on behalf of the community, it seems wrong you spend time on topics you shouldn’t need to. (PS, I feel better now :grinning:)

@TonySmith Much of TTN core team’s effort is on the upcoming version at the moment. It would be nice for all of this to happen automatically, but the reality is that this is a joint effort and completely free for us to use.

I reckon it’s pretty good value for money :slight_smile:

Hi all. Forgive my ignorance but is there any Terms and Conditions documentation associated with the Integration Authorisation Request? Is it odd that a single organisation on an open source community based network is able to do the following?

User Information: The client will be able to get basic information about your account.

Applications and Devices: The client will be able to manage your applications and their devices.

Gateways: The client will be able to manage your gateways.

From the website it is difficult to determine if Meshed not only manages Australian communities, but also provides commercial LoRaWAN sensors and services. If this is the case what is to stop Meshed from accessing my applications, devices and data, seeing how I am doing something and then using my ideas for commercial gain?

Of course I hope that this is not the case but some documentation stating this would be useful.


Hi @hdechelard, that’s a good question!

Yes, we (Meshed) do provide commercial LoRaWAN sensors, services and networks.

We also host the Australian instance of The Things Network. The Things Industries deploys their software on our server instance in a controlled way that gives us no access to user or device data. Our user accounts and applications are the same as yours and we can only see applications that we create ourselves, or ones which other users have explicitly granted us access to.

Our role is to host the instance, which we do to support the community at our own cost, and to provide services to maintain the instance when things go wrong, which we also do at our own cost.

Our hope is that the LoRaWAN community in Australia grows and along with it, a healthy commercial LoRaWAN eco-system that we can all participate in.

Regarding your other question about Integration Authorisation Request, this is also TTN code and we have no visibility or control over this. I think what it’s saying is that the application that you’re about run the integration on can/will be exposed to the application you’re integrating to. Which Integration is it?

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Thanks for your quick response @Maj. We greatly appreciate the fact that Meshed hosts TTN in Australia for the use of everyone.

To answer your question regarding the integration authorization request, we were just referring to the notification that came up when we were attempting to look at the Australian console. This notification requires us to accept the terms that I had questions about.

Thanks again for your help with this.

Hi @Maj. Are you able to tell us when the My Devices Cayenne integration will be available on the Australian console?

Hmm… I’m sure it used to be there. I have asked the TTN Core team to take a look.

It’s there now. Thanks for following this up @Maj.