(Adam Jp) #1

There are no available integrations for handler meshed-handler. Check back later!

Is the message I receive when creating a new application pointed towards the meshed-handler then trying to create a integration.

Anyone seen the same?

(Hylke Visser) #2

Integrations on the Meshed handler are managed by their local console You won’t see them on the regular console.

(Adam Jp) #3

Who knew, thanks!

(Phil Wilko) #4

I agree. Most users enter their applications through the console from the main website. Who knows about a local console?!?
Is there any way this can be published by the things network somehow?

(Andrew Maggio) #5

I’ve made a request to make the AU console more evident. Given the focus on V3 we may not see any changes soon though. Yes, the Australian console is a well kept secret (inadvertantly :)).

For reference, if you are in Australia, you should:

But you are also free not to.

Data storage integration with meshed "Not Authorized"
(Phillynch) #6

Does anything change here. I am getting a lookup error.

mosquitto_sub -h -t ‘+/devices/+/up’

(Eric Gourlaouen) #7

To connect to meshed-handler on MQTT, use rather than