Message_format: host {host} failed to handle message

I have successfully used The Things Network. Now I am exploring The Things Industries. I am using SAMR34 EXPLAINED PRO from Microchip and ATECC608-TNGLORA (security device). But when I send a join request, I get denied. When I click on “Gateways” and click on my gateway, I see the following:

And when going to applications data I got the following:

My device is already claimed in “applications”.

Any advice on how can I solve it?

Thanks in advance!

**Please note that time may not match in gateway and application but that is because I open a new window and send again the join request.

The error in your gateway data is not very helpful, as it doesn’t show what exactly could not be found. Based on this error alone I can’t say what’s wrong. I’ll see if we can improve error reporting there.

Regarding the error in your application data: Are you sure you set up the “application link” correctly? It looks like you configured the wrong network server address. Unless you’re working with a very custom deployment, you should just leave that empty.

See also the documentation on linking applications.

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