Migrate RAK2245 from TTN to TheThingsStack v3

Hi Guys,

I would like to migrate my Gateway that has been working on TTN to v3, I’m using a RAK2245 along with a RPI3B+. For the initial setup, I’ve followed the latest documentation:
GitHub - RAKWireless/rak_common_for_gateway (*), to my knowledge the RAK2245 is using the UDP Semtech Packet Forwarder:

For the migration, I’ve checked the latest threads:

Registered new gateway on v3 and then removed the old one. I have exchanged the entire global_config.json file with the one provided by v3


The gateway has not yet sent any data. I’ll just reinstall the gateway from scratch again and try my luck. Hear you in a couple of hours at most.

Did you check the logs on the gateway to see if it is sending or are you saying that because nothing is arriving it is not sending - I suspect the TTSv3 will need an EUI entering.

Since my last post, I did the following:

  1. burnt a new RPI image using the rpi imager
  2. Installed the RAK gateway with the newest image and edited the global_conf.json in two ways:
    a) changed the address to: eu1.cloud.thethings.network
    b) exchanged the whole .json file with the one generated by v3.

Both didn’t show me a successful connection. What is the recommended way? I guess b) - taking the one of v3.

The service is running fine:

The EUI was correctly inserted in the local_config.json during installation.

Thanks, that did it…

I was a bit irritated by the documentation that suggests the EUI is kind of optional now ( Gateway EUI (if your gateway has an EUI).

Anyways, it’s working, feeling bad after bothering @bluejedi als :smiley: :

don’t ban me please.

I will personally ban you if you stop bothering @bluejedi :wink:

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If you have any suggestions for improving or fixing the documentation see:

Hi, I have some RAK831 RPI based gateway, and I would like to know if the procedure is the same for the migration to v3.

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It’s not a given that you actually need to do anything other than change the server address in the config file.

Whatever you do do not de-register your gateway in V2; leave that so that you can come back to it, and create a new registration. Only the version you actually point the gateway at will be active.

However, if your setup is an older one, it may be that you have an early version of the packet forwarder software without a jit queue, in which case you probably want to update. If in your packet forwarder sources you don’t have a jitqueue.c or messages about jit in the logs, then that might be the case.

If updating, I’d strongly suggest checkout out the code directly from Semtech rather than using a RAK or even TTN version of it; especially as the RAK831 doesn’t have the slow SPI of some later RAK products and so should not need any adjustment.

You may also want to do the install on a new SD card so that you can set the existing working one aside to come back to if you need.