Monitoring availability of LoRa nodes


I'm thinking about monitoring LoRa networks. For ex. when I come to some city, then I will start a "device" which will show me if there are some LoRa packets from nodes in the air. Do you think it is posssible to do? No packet decoding is needed, only their presence.
I was trying to do this with SDR, but results are not good, the sensitivity of the receiver is low...



I made an application to monitor LoraWan traffic in (currently) Enschede/Hengelo and Münster. This is not based on a 'mobile' gateway, but an effort from all TTN Enschede gateways and Münster gateways to collect statistics at a central location. It monitors all LoraWan traffic within the range of participating Gateways. Not only TTN traffic, but also traffic from other networks if they use the LoraWan specifications. it gives a good idea about network usage. The map also shows real-time packet arrivals at the different gateways (using websockets).
(If other gateway owners like to join for free statistics about their gateway: contact me)

Here are some screenshots:

Getting gateway statistics
Packet forwarder, what's the monitor option?
Multitech TTH Gateway - Monitor packets?

Joris, we, from community Den Bosch (NL) , are very interested.
At this moment we have 5 gateways and some kickstarter gateways planned, but we expect/hope this to grow after our kick-off on September 15.

KR Jan


Hi Jan, I have send you a message with info/instructions!


Hi Joris @smartparcsnl we are interested. We have currently 16 gateways up and running. Can you send me more info.

Thanks etienne


Hi joris, I'm interested for the Groningen area.

(Sieben) #8

I'm also interested inside the Paris area :

(Pete) #9

We would be interested as well


It looks like many people are interested Joris in your monitoring application.
Could you either make it public somewhere in github or do you rather prefer to stay private. In the latter case, you can find my references on

Have a nice evening.

(Gregory Maudens) #11

Hi Joris,

located in Ghent at the Ghent TTN community, I would like to add our gateway for monitoring.
Can you send instructions? I assume this is accessable via


(Adil Hidayat) #12

I'm also interested. Currently planning to add several gateways in Malaysia.

(Patrik Gullstrand) #13

It looks really nice, we in the skane community (sweden) are interested as well.


Hi Joris, i am also interested for the Nijmegen and Barcelona area. Could you send me instructions how to use this?

Kind regards,


(e-bits) #15

Hi @joris, i am also interested for the Region Switzerland/Zentralschweiz. I already added the Server to my Gateway JSON.




Hi @Joris, I'm interested too for Friesland!


Hi , I’m interested to in Bucharest / Romania area . In this moment we have 4 x IC88A based Lora AP and growing :slight_smile:

I waiting email form you for details



Hi Joris,

I’m interested to in Bucharest / Romania area .
In this moment we have 4 x IC88A based Lora AP and growing :slight_smile:

I waiting email form you for details


(Hhulst) #19

Hello Joris,

I was looking for some tool that monitors the gateway traffic (A’dam) and came along your solution.
Is it possible to retrieve information how to setup the gateway monitoring?

Thanks in advance.



I would be interested in this for monitoring our gateways in the Canterbury area.

(Beat Luethy) #21

Hi Joris

I put my LoRa Gateway activ and i am interested in monitoring it.
Location is BOLL/Switzerland and it’s a RAK831 LoRa Gateway with RPi3.
If you could help me, i would be very glad (i am really a newbe!)