MQTT Downlink over Bridge Home Assistant

i have a Mosquitto MQTT Server running on my NAS. I use the MQTT Server for my Home Assistant.
I want to receive the Data from TTN in my Home Assistant.
So i bridged the two MQTT Server
I added following lines to my mosquitto.conf

connection bridge
remote_username tempabc@ttn
remote_password NNSXS.mykey
bridge_insecure false
topic # out 0
topic # in 0
cleansession true

So and this is how the Data from TTN comes to local MQTT Server


So far so good.
Now i want to schedule a Downlink Message over my Home Assistant Server.

In my local MQTT the message appears in my MQTT Explorer, but i dont think that it can pass the bridge to the TTN MQTT Server
I also tried the topic with /push after /down but nothing changed.

Would be nice if someone could tell me how to publish a Downlink message over a bridge.

Best Regards

The Payload was wrong. It works now.
{"downlinks": [{ "f_port": 2, "frm_payload": "AQACWA==", "priority": "NORMAL", "confirmed": true}]}

Sorry for intrusion but how did you configure the bridge in the Morquitto addon ? I’m killing my heal on that :frowning: I tried to add it in config of Mosquitto addon but it refuses it in the editor. I created a folder mosquitto and putted the bridge config in it and added in mosquitto addon extra config directory but it doesn’t look to care about it :frowning: Any ideas ?
Working with TTN/TTS too :wink:



I just added the lines i posted to the config file.
You need to stop the mosquitto Server and then edit the file as sudo. Then restart. First i would connect to the TTN mqtt server with a mqtt explorer and would see if message arrive there. If yes, then add the lines to the bottom of the configure and add the TTN mqtt address and your username and password.

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Hi, can i see your .yaml file to see the configuration in HA?
tanks in advance.

I followed your configurations and in my HA I ran MQTT Publish with my configurations but does not pass the bridge to MQTT TTN.What is your solution? Thanks in advance.

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