(Thomaswoods) #1


I have the latest MTAC lora module in an mpcie slot and I can’t get it to fully connect to the gateway software. This version is the SPI version as the USB one is being EOL. Does anyone have any experience with this card in other platforms? I’m using an x86_64 system with an mpcie slot and I can’t get it to function as it should.

I keep getting errors such as:
lgw_connect:555: ERROR: NOT EXPECTED CHIP VERSION (v255)

I suspect that I’m getting garbage in over the spi bus but I’ve connected a loopback between mosi and miso and everything functions as it should. I’ve also tested a few spi sensors and they work fine.

I’ve tried kersing’s gateway here:





Can anyone confirm that these mpcie cards indeed work in true mpcie slots? What gateway software supports these spi over mpcie cards?


(Nestor Ayuso) #2

I think they are not completely compatible with MiniPCIe
you need to apply +5v to pins 23 and 25.
tha’s true for the USB version but not sure with the this version: SPI with FPGA and SX1272 spectral scan.

(Thomaswoods) #3

Hello nestorayuso,

We’ve got a ticket open with multitech now so that we can try to get this figured out. I bought a special mpcie adapter for my platform thinking that this card was actually an mpcie compliant card not just something that used its form factor.

If we get it working I’ll let you know so that you can update your information.

Thanks for the help

(Bryansmith) #4

We now have a pinout png of the card and it is the same as the USB version in regards to 5V power to pins 23 and 25. Will update if we get this card working.

(Cliff Albert) #5

As far as I know the MTAC cards are M.2 cards and not mPCIe. Altough they have a lot in common it doesn’t mean they are 100% compatible.

(Nestor Ayuso) #6

Here you can find some patches needed for the SPI and USB versions:

(Guillermo Glaria) #7

Do you, thomaswoods or any other, have encountered solution to this issue?
We want to design a Gateway with those MTAC-LORA-H cards too.

(Nanomo) #8

Hi! any news about MTAC integration? i saw all the ftdi bridge drivers where deprecated on official lora-net repository.

There is any workaround to integrate to a raspberry pi?

(Solarnet) #9


for beagle bone black is ready in next month.

support mtac-868-lora-h & mtac-915-lora-h with 2 radio cards (V2)
4G/3G is optional.