Multicast: how make it work?

Hi everyone,

I want to send downlink messages from TTS to STM32WL end-nodes (class C enabled) by using multicast. However, I am not sure I have understood all the multicast process, especially on the server side (I work with TTS).

If I have already created an end-node device on my application and it already joined (with the OTAA) and sent uplink to my application, is it possible to add my end-node to a multicast group? If so, I am wondering about the device address. Indeed, when you want to create a multicast group with TTS, it works like an ABP profile. Device address, AppSKey and NwkSKey are asked. But which address and keys should I choose here?

Eager to learn, I am a beginner with multicast protocol! So, any advice is welcome!

Really appreciate your attention, thank you!

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Hi again,
I forgot to mention that my gateway does not support GPS synchronisation. Is it a prerequisite to multicast?

Hi everyone,

I have managed a successful Multicast session.
My team has worked on this feature and we’ve documented it. But not just that. We also worked on Clock Synchronization, Data Fragmentation and FUOTA.

If anyone wants to learn more about these features, feel free to check:

For all intents and purposes, I am posting the link of our website where you’ll find more information about LoRaWAN: [Home - LoRaWAN]

Hope this will help,