Multitech Conduit AP

(Mtfurlan) #41

As this is the only slightly relevant post about this I see online, I wanted to provide an update: the three pins by the ethernet port are in fact serial.
The one closest to the reset button is RX, then TX then ground.
115200 8N1 no flow control worked for me.

I have one of the ones from comcast, which responds to pings and nothing else.
It has a uboot password and doesn’t drop you into a shell so I haven’t been able to talk to it yet.
Does print logs from init, it starts mosquitto and sshd. Pity I can’t talk to them.

(Elvin Luff) #42

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, but I thought I might just give an update on where things stand now:

I now use the built in packet forwarder. I’m not sure what was happening the Kersing packet forwarder, but as soon as I started using the built in one, everything went smoothly. I got numbers equalling and exceeding the Kerlink iFemtocell.

We’re now using the MTCAP in production. Once V3 is out, we’ll install the gateway agent on the device; there will be no need to use kersing packet forwarder.

@mtfurlan I pushed Multitech a few times and they gave me the pinout diagram, but as you’re finding right now, it’s not set up by default to drop you in to a shell. I’ll be looking into this sometime in the future.

(Jac Kersing) #43

As I can’t reproduce your findings I am not sure what was happening either.

(Arsheikh) #44

Do you know if this model has a debug interface ? I really need one. I lost ssh server somehow and factory reset does not bring it back.