My Dragino LoraWay LG02 is not connected

After I have created a gateway in TTN it will not come “online”
The gateway ID is visible, both in the access point and on the TTN website.
I use a Dragino LoraWay LG02
What’s wrong ? thanks for help

Not possible to know from the information provided

I use a Dragino LoraWay LG02

These are not really supported - they are not “gateways” but rather node radio(s) doing a bad job of pretending to be. Even when connected they will not function properly, and will confuse other people’s nodes since they cannot correctly implement LoRaWAN.

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Yeahh, it looks that nobody loves the Dragino LG02, but it is the cheapest way to start with LoRaWAN. When I configure the LG02, hmm, where I need to add the “Gateway Key”? There is no UI option to add that possible very important information. :frowning: Any idea for an additional piece of software to add? We can see some LG02 online, so why not being able to add another one? And Yes, when it is soooo bad, we might be able to spend some more money for a real good gateway, I promise, but later.

but it is one of the many low cost ways to start with LoRa

There FTFY! :wink:

Single or Dual Channel Packet Forwarders such as the LG01 & LG02 are not LoRaWAN compliant GW’s, and as noted elsewhere on the forum when connected in the same locality as full 8 Channel GW’s (LoRaWAN compliant) will likely be disruptive and cause potential user confusion (missed, packets, missing Joins, missing downlinks etc.), or when deployed in isolation away from LoRaWAN GW’s cause problems to users who then encounter them without knowing they are not true GW’s …cheap to you but costing lost time effort and money to others (have suffered as a result so speak from bitter experience!)

Unfortunately, they were the only viable option for many when TTN started and there are many still in use, but as noted elsewhere considered depricated and should be swapped out sooner vs later where practical. The fact these old units are still active should not be read as an excuse or blessing to perpetuate a problem solution :wink: There are plenty of lower cost pico/micro GW’s available to now make these (S/DPF’s) redundant for any new roll-outs.


Thanks Jeff-UK ! What do or also the community thinks about:

[MikroTik wAP LoRa 8 kit RBwAPR-2nD&R11e-LoRa8 ]
wAP LoRa8 kit for 863-870 MHz frequency (European Union, Russia, India etc.) - 650MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, 1xLAN, built-in 2.4Ghz

Would that be called as a real Gateway to be able to connect to TTN?

That is a full gateway, go for it!

Also thank to you Jac!

Our TTN community should forget LG01 and also LG02 as a kind of Gateway together with TTN!

From my standpoint, there are some Gateways available and take those.

Perhaps someone could add the LG01, and similar devices, to the main website along with a note to say “Do not buy” so that people are warned before they buy one rather than after?

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Answering because this is a common issue with all sorts of actual 8-channel gateways, too.

The gateway key is specific to a newer interface for connecting gateways to the back end, but many gateways use the older Semtech UDP protocol, in which case the “legacy packet forwarder” or similar box needs to be checked on the registration page.


They do seem to support it, read page 21 from their official manual.
Let me know how it goes!

Although Dragino indeed describes how to connect this non-compliant forwarder to TTN, this is NOT something one should do.

As already noted by @arjanvanb, this is not supported on the forum.