My setup is a success! :D :D

Hi everyone,

I am new in TTN and it’s just to share that I successfully set up a Gateway, a sensor, a warp10 time series for my GTS, and graph everything on Grafana.

The idea is to have live data for my farm. Now I will be able to set a lot of different sensors to give me information for farming optimization and I hope, lower pesticide usage in the wine (Burgundy France).

The most painful point has been to set up the MCF88 sensor, with poor support (no… in fact absolutely no support at all :imp:) by the company. I would recommend using other company devices for everyone (but, because I am new, I don’t know the support level of others). Anyway, there is a high level of chance I will never give them a penny from now, and will strongly advise the same to my neighbors (who I will try to connect also).

But finally, even I have lost the support to my device, it seems to finally work!

Thanks for everything to the TTN and the support of the community that gives a lot of good advice.

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 3.39.52 PM


@kwame42 great, love to see some positive feedback! :star_struck:

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Looks like an excellent application - there are plenty of other weather stations on the market but now you’ve learn’t how to use this one, maybe pen a short note to them asking if they were having a bad time - Covid has had all sorts of impacts on suppliers.

If you need any assistance with comparing the wines pre & post pesticide use, I have formal qualifications from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust as well as being pretty handy with LoRaWAN - just let me know.

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It will be ny pleasure to organise a seminary of intensive work, call “LoraWine” :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing your integration.
Grafana looks interesting.
Do you use any githup or other code sharing facility?
This supports me from reinventing the wheel.

For my project, I’m using DS18B20 temperature sensor. There is a lot of documentation on the internet and lots of TTN’ers have posted examples how to integrate it with LMIC.

Correct! I didn’t put my code on Github yet, which is an error, now it’s done…

Thanks for the advise.



Hi, I’m sorry about your experience with mcf88/enginko sensor. Unfortunately you found a problem (NFC communication error), and in such case we always replace for free the faulty sensor.

Since you disassembled the sensor trying to use the internal USB port (not stated in the manual), warranty was void.

After my email related to this, I haven’t had feedback anymore.

Anyway, here some online documents:


Hi Franco!

So please to hear from you. I am a bit curious what kind of “feedback” you were looking from me after your answer: (copy/paste) “… we can not give you support.” … :smiley:

Especially because you ended the email by: (copy/paste) “Please contact your reseller for further information”

I really appreciate the link to your documentation, I even would have love to have that link couple of months ago with your email.

And thanks for the documentation. I would have loved to have it last September, instead of 7 months later in the forum… that’s what I call “no support”.

Anyway, I shouldn’t have opened it. Clearly, my mistake. Lucky enough I was able to repair it.

My experience with the sensor is pretty good (hard to configure using NFC). I was complaining about the support. Your neither provided me documentation, neither replacement solution (for free or not, I am old enough to assume my mistakes), any guidance…


I think there was a misunderstanding, because I can (and must) give you support on the sensor settings and use of it, but every support about the replacement should be provided from who sold you the sensor (I will definitely investigate). Since I didn’t hear nothing after my reply, I though you continued the process with the reseller.

My complete statement was “Since the product is completely disassembled, we can not give you support.” Perhaps I had not explained myself well, I meant about the replacement.

By the way, I’m agree with you that we have to improve the documentation (and we are working on it harder since the end of the last year).

So, I apologize for the inconvenient.