Need to Install Python on Dragino LG01-N Lora Gateway

Trying to connect Dragino LG01-N Lora Gateway to Amazon Web Sevices.

At this link explains: Use Dragino device with Amazon AWS-IOT - Wiki for Dragino Project
However, I need python installed on LG01-N. Been trying for days, no luck.
How can I install from the root the python language?


I have LG01-N working with:
Sending Temperature data from Arduino UNO + Lora Shield to both sites with an update every 2 minutes.


By the way, Dragino gateways is great product for Lora application and their support is excellent!

Why? Or what does doing so have to do with TTN?

In the architecture of LoRaWAN, gateways do not have access to the encryption keys required to understand traffic, so they merely pass it in still-encrypted form to servers to make sense of. Within the realm of TTN (which is the topic of these forums) those would be the TTN servers.

If you want to send data to something on AWS IoT, it would not be the raw data from the gateway, it would be the decrypted application data received from the TTN servers.

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Dragino LG308 is an excellent LoRaWAN gateway. The other types are probably very well suited for LoRa use, but not for LoRaWAN as they are not standard compliant. So for anyone reading this, if you want LoRaWAN, do not waste money on the LG01 models. If you want LoRa, knock yourself out but please do not ask questions on the TTN forum as that is dedicated to LoRaWAN.

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Thanks! I will setup with out the python instructions at link:

As soon as I seeing it working will report back to this thread!


The instructions you link to have nothing to do with LoRaWAN, why are you posting this on a LoRaWAN forum?

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Looking for answer. Why you ask?


This is a forum for support of the things network (TTN) applications.

Your questions and posts are nothing to do with TTN …

Okay Thanks for information!