New RAK7246G update_location_from_status

I have a RAK7246G gateway on TTN “v3” that I intend to move position from time to time.

It is running latest available firmware from RAK i.e, RAK7246_on_Raspbian_OS_V4.2.5_20200909.img

In the console I have selected “Update from status messages”
I see this confirmation of my intention in the Event details

"data": {
    "@type": "",
    "value": [

The GPS is functioning correctly, in the sense that I am seeing the correct longitude/latitude/altitude in every status message.

However in the console location overview, the map of the world is overlaid with “No location information available” rather than marking the current public position of the gateway.

The thread ‘V3 Gateway Console not GW-GPS-Information are shown in the Console
did not provide any further clues/solution hence hoping all you experts what I should try next!

BTW, this gateway has not migrated from v2: it has only existed on v3

Any ideas?

Ouch, that is going to hurt all nodes with ADR in the vicinity. Unless you have a second gateway at the same location…

There is a second gateway at fixed location. The “mobile” one is just for experimentation and range is very restricted (deliberately). It would be brought into play mainly for ad-hoc “fox hunting” :wink:

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Time for a “Fox” hunt I think!
Today I am getting frequent “Confirmed uplink” messages with good SNR, but sadly only a few seconds apart. Device Address suggests this is not aimed at TTN, but it is still having an impact :frowning:


This is probably one of the rare cases where a yagi could be justified (hooked up to my movable gateway) :wink:

I don’t understand - under what conditions does a new bit of kit need justifying?

I’m not saying I would have to use a yagi(!), but to help get a bearing on a rogue signal, it would be invaluable. Otherwise, I left with just sampling RSSI/SNR in different locations while the rogue broadcaster is active.
Who knows, it may be just an experimenter in my own street, or a user with excessive power further afield. If I can just peak up the reception signal strength I’ll have more chance finding the source.
And in the end it may turn out to be perfectly legitimate use of the band and not a rogue experimenter!

This seemed the right thread to include this known issue, just FYI:KnownIssue