Newbie with heltec

Hello guys, unfortunately I had to open this post because I’m having trouble getting the dev eui from a Heltec ESP32 LoRa (V2). I have experience with another ESP32 LoRa module (Pycom), but I’m having difficulties with heltec’s.


could someone help me solve this problem?
And if someone has already communicated with TheThingsNetwork and can send me a good library (there are many) I will be grateful!

Heltec, TTGo’s dont come with a set Dev EUI - when you are setting it up in TTN as a device - let TTN generate you one and then use that in your code


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please can you test the. new library TTN_esp32 from library manager ?
this library is a port of thethingsnetwork.h for esp32

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this lib?

No, that library is for ESP-IDF, not for the Arduino framework.

See: Overview of LoRaWAN Libraries [HowTo]

What LoRaWAN library and what sketch are you using?

If you want useful feedback you should provide (much) more information.

Also have a look at: Big ESP32 + SX127x topic part 3

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This is probably it, would have been easier if it was linked initially

MCCI LMIC also works well with the Heltecs

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To prevent unnecessary speculations and miscommunications it will be better if we educate other (new) users to provide suffient information themselves first. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I apologize for not providing basic information. Come on: I’m trying to use Heltec either on Arduino IDE or PlatformIO through VS Code. My band is from Brazil (AU915-928,

I’m using a Lopy4 nanogateway:

My code in Arduino IDE:
ttn-abp-teste_Heltec.txt (11.2 KB)


I introduced and changed the parameters of Network Session Key, Application Session Key and Device Address and had as a response on the serial monitor:


I thank everyone’s attention!

Never got much range out of my ESP32… Dodgy 868mhz antenna they are shipped with.

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